Tobacco, Magnolia’s, and a Cowboy” is a motivational book filled with real-life stories about leadership.

“Reflections of Leadership: Tobacco, Magnolia’s, and a Cowboy”: a captivating book about leadership, is the creation of published author, David Walden. He teaches by example, recounting the stories of exemplary leaders who inspire him. Some of the stories are painful, but they resonate.

David is a graduate of Centenary College of Louisiana, Louisiana Tech University, and Nova Southeastern University. He received his doctorate in educational leadership. After thirty-six years in education, David transitioned to law enforcement and became the director of a police academy in Northern Louisiana. He is also a counselor in private practice and specializes in leadership development, addictions counseling, and anger management. David is a John C. Maxwell–certified coach and professional speaker. He has presented scores of times for local, state, and federal law enforcement and educational agencies.

If readers are looking for a book chock-full of graphs, charts, and statistics about leadership, this is not the book. Instead, it is a book filled with real-life stories about leadership. The book represents David’s recollections of others who helped shape his personal views about leadership and how to influence others. Some of the lessons taught to David are painful, but they are enduring lessons that David continues to impart to others daily. David recollects how some of his former high school and college teachers and classmates altered David’s way of thinking about leadership and personal motivation. His encounters with a former president and a former professional football quarterback are attention grabbing. David has a unique ability to convey a personal story in such a way that readers are captivated, amused, and delighted. His focus is on law…

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