Iowa City schools’ junior high math and science teachers recently attended a Google professional development workshop to help with incorporating the topic into their lessons. This comes alongside new computer science legislation in Iowa.

Educators in Iowa City and Solon say having the right tools to boost computer science lessons will be key as a new law comes into play. 

The new Iowa law, which took effect July 1, encourages teachers to increase computer science lessons in elementary, middle and high schools and comes with a professional development fund to help teachers prepare.

The state plans to launch the fund in July 2018, pending an appropriation from Iowa lawmakers during the next legislative session, said Staci Hupp, the Iowa Department of Education’s communications director. 

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During a computer science professional development workshop last week for Iowa City Community School District junior high math and science teachers, several attendees said they rely on each another to learn about computer science, but they support more formal training.  

Lore Baur, an eighth-grade science teacher at South East Junior High, said a lack of computer science knowledge is a common barrier for teachers, but staff members at South East help each other stay up-to-date — a system that works but relies on…