Tips To Handle Debt Collection Lawsuits Shared By National Debt Relief

challenging the lawsuit is not the same as denying they borrowed money

Debt collection lawsuits are part of the arsenal of debt collectors and National Debt Relief shares some tips on how to handle them. The article titled “What To Do If You’re Being Sued By A Debt Collector” released September 18, 2017 takes a look at how consumers can address this stressful financial development.

The article starts off by pointing out that being sued by debt collectors can be a terrifying experience for any consumers. It does not help as well that the debt collectors can oftentimes be aggressive and strong-armed in trying to collect on the debt amount. However, there are strategies for pushing back when these collectors choose to file a lawsuit.

The article explains that consumers should never ignore a lawsuit even if they believe the collection is a mistake. This is because once a lawsuit is officially served and they fail to respond it does not magically go away. The lack of response could make the court award default judgment for the collection agency. This will give them an upper hand in forcing their collection method on the consumer.

The article also explains that consumers should never accept liability on the debt being collected. This is tantamount to accepting responsibility on the debt. The idea is to challenge the collector’s “standing.” This means if they are in a position to collect the debt. Consumers need to remember that challenging the lawsuit is not the same as denying they borrowed money.

Challenging can make some debt collectors back down immediately because it could be hard for them to show a proper paper trail admissible in court to prove they can sue…

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