Tips For Fixing Your Window Air Conditioner

Most buildings like offices or homes that are set up with air conditioning, use a window air conditioner. There is good reason for these air conditioners having such global popularity. However, as popular as they may be, there are also a few problems that can arise. This guide offers you some great tips for fixing your window air conditioner.

Window ACs Have Many Benefits

One excellent benefit of buying a window air conditioner is the price. They are usually much less to purchase than many of their counterparts. Most models will run through a price range between $150 to $600. And to top it off, they sit on your window sill and leave all the space on the floors free.

The way they’re installed carries another great benefit. They can be set up in less than an hour’s time, without the need for any professional assistance. This easy installation is a huge reason why they are liked so well. Unlike the portable air conditioners that are always being moved around, this type gets set up once, and you’re done with it. No muss, no fuss.

While these benefits are there for everyone to enjoy, there is also one main drawback to the window air conditioning unit, and it is THE NOISE. They have noise levels that can range from moderate to very loud. It depends on the make and model.

You might be wondering why these air conditioners are so loud. It’s because of the way they are designed. Window ACs contain a fan, a compressor, and a condenser. All three of these essential elements must be contained within the unit. There is hardly any way to have them all running at the same time without any noise. Another point to this is that, unlike a split AC that puts the loudest parts outside, the regular window units keep those noise-makers inside the house.

Some people simply learn to live with the noise so they can enjoy the other benefits. That means turning up their TVs and talking louder on the phone, etc. It is even worse for those people who have trouble enough sleeping at night. With one of these big guys in the window, churning away, there could be some sleepless nights.

These Following Tips For Fixing Your Window Air Conditioner Are Crucial

To keep the noise down, or avoid it altogether, you should keep noise in mind when you do your shopping for an air conditioner. ACs feature labels that plainly state this information for you. If the noise level value is high, then you can expect loud noise. So when you shop, compare the numbers on the labels to get the quietest unit you can.

If you shop at Target or Walmart, you can actually hear the AC turned on before you buy it. That way you know EXACTLY what you’re getting. Test a few out before deciding which one to take home.

Let’s say that you went and bought one a couple of years back, without investigating the noise level, and now it is too noisy to suit you. Here are some tips –

Make sure that it is firmly attached to the stand, so none of the noise if from vibration. Check the side panels to ensure they are screwed on…

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