Three plead guilty over terror plot to attack AFP and NSW police headquarters

THREE would-be terrorists have pleaded guilty to a plot involving an attack on the AFP headquarters in Sydney and carrying out guerilla warfare in the Blue Mountains almost three years ago.

Sulayman Khalid, 22, Jibryl Almaouie, 23 and a teenage male who cannot be identified, pleaded guilty on Monday to conspiring to commit a terrorist act.

Chilling handwritten notes and text messages between the plotters detailed a plot by six men to attack the AFP building in Sydney, launch a guerilla war in the Blue Mountains and attack Lithgow jail, according to documents tended in the NSW Supreme Court.

media_cameraSulayman Khalid pleaded guilty this morning to a Sydney terror plot.

A handwritten note by Ibrahim Ghazzawy, who was sentenced to 8 years’ jail earlier this year for his role in the 2014 conspiracy, reveal the group were intent on carrying out an attack.

“The plan is gorilla (sic) warfare (illegible) we are going to go to the woods and attack the dogs there, Blue Mountains and the surrounding forests,” the note said.

Another said: “If we are gna do the Istishadi the AFP building is a good target, its in parra or the city,” the note said.

Istishadi is an Arabic word for heroic death.

The police found six handwritten notes when they raided the Regents Park home of Khalid on December 18, 2014. Three of which were written by Ghazzawy and included additions by other members of the group including Khalid.

Another note written by Ghazzawy talks about plans to attack Lithgow jail.

“Near by theres lithgow jail, insha Allah if we make progress we will attack it,” he wrote.

media_cameraThe family of Sulayman Khalid at a previous court hearing.

“On Sunday Abu bakr will tell him the Amir the 2 plans most preferably the Gorrilla warfare first then the istishhadi plan. Abu Azzam will lay (illegible) conditions. (illegible) As soon as we take out a dog, they will attack.”

Police also uncovered a list which provided a key coded words used by the group to talk about planning…

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