Three-Man Weave answers big questions on Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving trade talk

Two megastars — Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving — are on the well-reported trading block. While there are lots of rumors, what makes sense regarding deals for these two NBA scoring machines? Glad you asked, because Three Man Weave has answers to four burning questions regarding the pair.

Anthony has been linked to potential deals in Houston, OKC, Cleveland and even Portland. Irving has reported suitors from all around the league. Brad Botkin, James Herbert and Matt Moore break down the possibilities. 

Should the Cavs trade Kyrie Irving, and why?

Botkin: Yes. Once a player this plainly expresses his desire to leave, chances are he’s going to leave, so you may as well get ahead of it. Irving’s value will likely never be higher than it is now, and if the Cavs keep him through next season, they’ll lose a lot of leverage going into his walk year in 2019. Look how fleeced the Pacers got under similar circumstances in the Paul George trade.

Also, the Cavs’ top priority is convincing LeBron James to re-sign next summer, and the simple truth is that with no cap space and no picks available for trade until 2021, they have no way of improving without trading Irving. They tried to move Love; that didn’t work. It would be hard to get a return that would make the Cavs significantly better than they are with Irving, but at the very least it would represent effort in the ongoing mission to assure LeBron the franchise isn’t stagnant. 

Herbert: Yes. There’s no indication Irving is about to soften his stance about wanting a trade, and there’s no sense keeping him around if he’d rather be elsewhere. Of course, this assumes that the Cavaliers can find a trade that makes sense for them. They should be trying to increase their chances of knocking off the Golden State Warriors next season and acquire a young player who can be a part of their core for the foreseeable future with or without James….

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