This tea guy finally decided to see what all that coffee hype is about

This is probably going to shock you. And please don’t think less of me because of what I’m about to tell you: Up until Tuesday, I’d never had even a sip of coffee in my lifetime.

Not a cup of Colombian, a mug of Maxwell House or any type of cappuccino, latte, espresso or macchiato with or without an extra shot or extra soy.

Nothing! Never! I wasn’t at all a part of the coffee craze that’s been going on in this country and worldwide for decades.

I do have a Mr. Coffee machine in my home for when company comes — but I don’t know how to work it. If my guests don’t make their own coffee, they don’t get any.

And I’ll also admit this. I have felt as though there’s a club that everyone else belonged to that I chose not to join for reasons that I can’t fully explain. I couldn’t say I disliked coffee; I’d never tasted it.

I’m a tea guy.

My mother was a black-coffee drinker but she always worked (Hi, Mom!), so I was watched during the school day by my Aunt Flo, who was Irish-British and always gave me tea at lunchtime. That started when I was younger than 10, so I became a tea drinker.

Before my confessions go further, here are some hard facts. An estimated 148 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee were produced worldwide in what is called the 2015/16 “coffee year.” And global coffee consumption outpaced production at 151.3 million bags.

Sixty-four percent of adults say they drink at least one cup of coffee a day. The typical US consumer drinks 2.7 cups a day. And that’s with me bringing down the average.

At a retail level, the US coffee market is estimated to be $48 billion a year.

Starbucks are almost as prevalent in Manhattan as fire hydrants. And I’ll bet you can’t find a spot in the city that is more than a five-minute walk from a store-bought cup of coffee.

And while most of the retail industry is collapsing, the coffee business is, well, percolating — the one coffee-related word I know, despite that it’s outdated in…

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