This mechanical engineer left the US to make cars friendly for India’s disabled

The seat is removed, the mechanism is installed, and the seat is put back. So there is no modification made in the car’s structure or core functioning, except that it is now disabled-friendly.

According to the 2011 Census, India is home to 2.7 crore people living with disability. Unlike the developed world, however, people living with disability in India remain highly vulnerable. Accessibility is a major concern. From architecture to the everyday design of things, the needs of persons with disabilities often go unnoticed.

In his own unique way, Anand Kutre, a 41-year-old entrepreneur from Bengaluru, is on a mission to make cars accessible for persons with disabilities. He has designed and built a mechanism that can be easily installed under a car’s driving seat, making it disabled-friendly.

Starting up, over and over again

Anand holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Gogte Institute of Technology, situated in his hometown Belgaum, Karnataka. He then worked in Pune for a few years, after which he shifted to Detroit, USA in 2000, where he worked for Chrysler’s Jeep and truck division.

In 2006, Anand moved back to India and started Augen Technologies, an engineering services company based out of Bengaluru, with a friend. “Within three years of starting the company, we were making close to $5 million (Rs 24 crore) in terms of revenue and had about 200 people working for us,” he adds.

However, due to…

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