These desi ‘trying to impress her’ Twitter jokes will leave you in splits

By: Trends Desk | New Delhi |
Published:July 31, 2017 5:30 pm

How simple is it to impress girls, after all! (Source: File Photo)

In case you have been eyeing your crush from far too long, we suggest it is time you let him/her know you like them. Oh, you haven’t thought of how to start a conversation? Well, worry not, we have your back. Or rather, the Internet does.

Yes, as much as it is a home for trolls and bad vibes, at times you just need to look properly to find your ray of sunshine. Where anything from Ranveer Singh’s photo-ops to Pakistan’s Chaiwala has been going viral, this time it is a hilarious joke format that has found its place in the micro-blogging site. “Trying to impress her” is the new joke pattern on social media sites and people are coming up with anti-climactic versions of the same, making them hilarious short-reads.

For instance, if the girl you have been trying to hit on since forever happens to tell you that she loves Ranveer Singh, then all you need to say is “Ladkiyo wali dress pahanna to muje bachpan se hi pasand hai (I used to like dressing like girls ever since I was a child)” and chances are she is going to be really impressed (or may be not). Check out some of the witty tweets here.

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