There’s one part of Riyad Mahrez transfer saga Roma and Arsenal do not appear to understand

Imagine. You are sat at home on a Sunday evening, have just finished your dinner, and are ready to settle down to watch Antiques Roadshow.

Suddenly, a knock raps at the door. You turn to your partner and raise an eyebrow, as if to ask who on earth could be calling at this time of night.

You ease yourself out of your armchair, muttering as you shuffle towards the door. You open it.

There’s a bald, bearded man standing there, in what appears to be a Roma tracksuit.

“Hi there,” he starts. “I would like to buy your house.”

You stare back at him, blinking. Confused. There’s not even a ‘For Sale’ sign outside.

Riyad Mahrez has announced his desire to leave Leicester City but they do not want to sell

“I’m sorry,” you reply. “We aren’t looking to sell. How did you…”

“I was under the impression this house was on the market.”

“Well, yes, but…”

“Come on! How much? I really want to buy it.”

“Fine. If you really want it, then you will have to pay £500,000. Nothing less. This is a fantastic house. It might need a bit of work to get it back to what it was a year ago, but it is still a stunning property. The best house on the street when it’s at its best. So, £500,000 or go away.”

“Got it. So, will you take £200,000?”

“What? No. Were you not listening?”

“Okay, okay. £320,000. That’s my final offer.”

“Can you leave please?”

“Like you say, this house is not quite what it used to be. It’s not worth £500,000 anymore.”

“That’s it, I’m calling the police.”

Riyad Mahrez has been Leicester City’s shining light in pre-season

Welcome to the situation in which Leicester City find themselves. Just, instead of a house, it’s a winger called Riyad Mahrez.

A winger who announced at the start of the summer that he wanted to leave but, crucially, a winger who Leicester do not want to sell.

Leicester have made…

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