The Toy Insider reviews toys and releases a holiday gift guide every year.
The Toy Insider

It’s time to get ready for the holidays, and that means we parents need to get ready to help Santa out with toy purchases.

At The Toy Insider, they play with toys all year long (great gig, right?) in order to take the guesswork out of the holiday shopping experience. They identify trends for the season and rate tons of toys based on play value, originality, skill-building, product integrity and just good old-fashioned fun.

Their 2017 holiday gift guide is available now, which includes the Hot 20. Here are some of our favorites from their favorites:

  • Remember Teddy Ruxpin? The storytelling bear from the 1980s is back, and he’s updated for the tech generation, with animatronics and animated eyes.
  • If you’ve got a Shopkins lover in your household (like I do), this super mall is pretty awesome. It includes a food court, a movie theater (You use your smartphone for the movie screen.) and even a “credit card” to buy your Shopkins.
  • The Hatchimals trend is still going strong this holiday season, and this Hatchimals Surprise has all new surprises in its eggs.
  • Really, who doesn’t love Nerf? The only complaint I’ve ever heard about the Nerf “guns” is that you run out of ammo too quickly when you’re in an all-out Nerf battle. This blaster has a capacity of 100 rounds for maximum battle play.
  • If you’ve got a LEGO Star Wars lover in the house but you aren’t anxious to shell out the $800 for the new Millennium Falcon set, this LEGO First Order Star Destroyer is a good option.
  • There’s been a lot of buzz in the gaming world about Nintendo’s latest product. With the Nintendo Switch, the kids can play their games at home on a…