The Sisters Spurlock’s Newly Released “I Give You the Olive Tree” Is a Story That Teaches Young Readers About Unconditional Love and Sacrifice

“I Give You the Olive Tree”: a story that teaches children about the gift of unconditional love and sacrifice. “I Give You the Olive Tree” is the creation of published authors, The Sisters Spurlock. Stacy Spurlock Robbins and Dianne Spurlock Winstead grew up in Nashville, Tennessee where they still reside. Both women are award-winning educators and authors of children’s books. This is their third book, but the first in their Christian Educational Series. “Navikate and the Sound of the Sea” and “No Mask, No Home!” are their other two published works. Both sisters are married with children and five dogs between them.

The tale begins with a beautiful and strong creature. Because of her patience and gratitude, God granted her a son. Honored by the unexpected gift, she teaches her son to welcome anyone and everything that needs shade and shelter. As the years go by, her son grows and flourishes into adulthood. One day, their world and lives change forever.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, The Sisters Spurlock share this excerpt from “I Give You the Olive Tree”: “Caz and her dad, William, were standing in the fog Ready to bury Caz’s favorite friend, Zero, her dog. Tears were streaming down both of their faces but the garden was one of Zero’s favorite places. So, both father and daughter buried him by the shade tree He would be happy there, both of them would agree. Death is not easy for any age at all but it seems to be especially hard on those who are small.”

“A great story about unconditional and sacrificial love. It embodies a great message for children and adults as well!” –William Adcock, LCSW

“I can’t say enough good things about it! Thank you so much for letting me read it before the rest of the world….

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