The Rules Guy: If It Looks Like An Angle, It Is An Angle

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Props to Daniel Negreanu

Is Daniel Negreanu good for poker? Duh! Of course he is. And a recent tweet demonstrates how and why. Read on.

Dear The Rules Guy:

I am 100 percent sure you’ve read about the mini-controversy at the PokerStars Championship Barcelona main event: When facing a river bet against Luigi Shehadeh, Patrick Leonard engaged in some table-talk and finally said, “You got it” – but didn’t muck his hand right away. In fact, he didn’t touch his cards while giving Shehadeh a Ben Lamb-like stare-down (minus the creepy, terror-inducing soul-read that only Lamb can deliver). Shehadeh retained his poker face and put his fingers on his card as if to whoosh them away, but then paused until Leonard did in fact muck. Shehadeh took the pot.

Daniel (@RealKidPoker) Negreanu subsequently mused on Twitter: “Do you think this was shooting an angle by @plenopads during Barcelona main event?” Negreanu posted a poll. Leonard took offense. Twitter war ensues.

What do you think, TRG?

– President, American Society for the Prevention of Angle Shooting


Sometimes, TRG hears of a situation that he literally can’t wait to write about – and this is one of them.


Because: The fact that there’s controversy about this hand is frankly incredible: Of course Leonard was shooting an angle.

Because: This hand and situation demonstrate so perfectly how the spirit of the rules differs from the letter of the rules (and the spirit of the rules is crucial to poker).

And because this situation is a reminder to players to be observant and protect their own interests at all times.

Of course, it’s perfectly fine for Leonard to engage in a bit of table talk before he says, “You got it.” He’s trying to get a read, and probably not even for use at that moment but for future hands….

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