The New Italian Wine Unplugged YouTube Channel Teaches How to Pronounce Italian Grape Names

The Italian Wine Unplugged YouTube channel and pronunciation initiative

Wine lovers from China and America have always struggled to pronounce Italian grape names and I always thought about how wonderful it would be to hear the proper pronunciation from a native speaker… so this is why the Italian Grape of the Day campaign came about. Stevie Kim

The “Italian Grape of the Day” initiative started a couple of weeks ago as a social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, with one pronunciation video per day posted on all those outlets. The new dedicated YouTube channel provides a platform where the videos can be accessed simultaneously and also works as an online archive where to store educational tools that will be useful for students of Italian wine worldwide.

The “Italian Grape of the Day” campaign aligns with the educational values of the wider Italian Wine Unplugged mission. Designed to be the textbook for the intermediate-level Italian Wine Maestro course launching in Vancouver on October 25th, the ebook maps Italian wine from the perspective of its hundreds of grape varieties. The 591 officially recognized indigenous grape varieties make Italy the most biodiverse country in terms of viticulture—with Italy being the country with the highest number of native grapes spread within its national borders. This richness, however, often causes some difficulties in the marketing of Italian wines for end consumers; it also adds some confusion among educators and professionals who work with Italian wine. In his praise for Italian Wine Unplugged, even the first Chinese Master of Sommelier Yang Lu (also Corporate Director of Wine at Shangri-La International Hotel Management Group) admits to the intricacies of…

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