The Most Spe-TECH-ular Toys That Everyone Will Ask for This Holiday Season

#RealTalk: While it may pain us to admit it, on more than one occasion, our kids’ toys have made us question our own intelligence. With all the “tech this” and “smart toy that,” these high-tech toys ensure that playtime is always evolving.

Last week, The Toy Insider team unveiled this year’s Holiday Gift Guide, where we showcase more than 200 toys that will be the most sought after gifts this holiday season. In addition to our special Hot 20 and STEM 10 selections, we also shared our Top Tech 12 list. This handpicked batch of toys reflects the most savvy and forward-thinking gadgets that will hit the market this holiday season.

From toys that fly, are DIY, and everything in between, check out this year’s hottest tech toys.

LeapFrog is a go-to company whenever I’m looking for a toy that’s safe, fun, and educational. The newest tablet to join the collection comes with kid-appropriate learning content and games. Little ones can let their curiosity get the best of them as they surf through the LeapSearch web browser, which is kid-safe and allows parents to set parental controls. Let’s put those noggins to work!

These interactive tots have lifelike features and require kids’ love and attention. Little ones can care and nurture for their dolls, and perform tasks like real moms and dads. The babes respond to their lamby, bottle, and spoon in many special ways. For example, parents-in-training can feed their doll with the spoon, and he or she will actually chew. The more the dolls are fed, they’ll pick up on new food words. The adorable dolls feature more than 100 different reactions and words, constantly keeping little ones on their toes in anticipation of what their baby will surprise them with next. How cute!

Prepare to geek out! This lifelike BB-8 is more than 16 inches tall and has built-in voice recognition. In…

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