The LeBron-Wade duo is reunited, and the stakes are as high as ever

Seven years ago, with the entire basketball world watching, a thick-bearded, checkered-shirt-donning LeBron James announced his decision to take his talents to South Beach to pursue championships.

In doing so, James made sacrifices to both his ego and his wallet. He was joining a Miami Heat franchise and fan base that clearly belonged to Dwyane Wade, while taking a $15 million haircut on the maximum contract he could’ve received in order to make the numbers work.

This time around, it’s Wade coming to play in James’ sandbox and making his own concessions to do so. He left $8 million on the table when he accepted a buyout from the Chicago Bulls, and then he went for the veteran’s minimum offer of $2.3 million from the Cleveland Cavaliers when Miami ($4.2 million) and the San Antonio Spurs ($3.3 million) had more money available for him.

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