The last taboo: groundbreaking study quizzes men forced into sex by women

A survey of men who say theyhave been forced to have sex by a woman claims blackmail and threats were themost common methods used.

A research project of 154men “compelled to penetrate” a woman found more than a fifth of them wereforced into it by threats and blackmail.

Telling lies, threats to enda relationship, warnings of rumour-spreading and verbal abuse were cited by 22%of men in the survey.

The research project, led byDr Siobhan Weare, from Lancaster University Law School, and supported bycharity Survivors Manchester, also found the use of force, such as pinning downwith bodyweight or having a weapon, was reported by 14% of men who completedthe survey.

The project aimed to exploreone of the “last taboos” – sexual violence by women against men.

Dr Weare said: “Whilst thesample size of 154 may be smaller than typically expected, this must beconsidered in the context of an issue that is under-reported andunder-discussed, and that this is the first and only survey of its kind to beconducted in the UK.

“The ‘hidden’ nature of thiscrime and the ‘complex’ gender dynamics involved means that huge numbers ofsurvey participants were highly unlikely – not because this isn’t happening tomen, but because many are made to feel too ashamed or feel too distressed toreport it.”

Dr Weare said it wasdifficult to know the prevalence of forced-to-penetrate cases in the UK, butresearch in the US in 2010 found that approximately one in 21 men reportedbeing “made to penetrate” someone else during their lifetime, with 79% of casesinvolving a female perpetrator.

She added: “The term ‘forcedto penetrate’ has been coined for these cases because, while they involvenon-consensual penile penetration, they do not fall under the offence of rape.

“The offence of rape canonly be committed by men due to the requirement of penile penetration of thevictim. In ‘forced to penetrate’ cases, the offender is the one beingpenetrated by a non-consenting victim.”

All 154 of the UK malesurvey…

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