The first sales unprecedented fivefingers form UK

“I give up”, will be in focus attention in YangFan body, a voice rang out.
The cry for miles, vibram five fingers uk see YangGe is rapidly XiangYang all rush to, now only the second on the man, insist again also didn’t any meaning, besides being a big brother, of course, want to let his brother some. But the don’t know when this way voice just from the YangFan in mind also brewing the same a word, just to say it.
“Or slow,” WenShengYang every YouZi shook his head, said 1 only oneself understand it, and then to rush to his YangGe reveal a forced smile.
When YangGe voice from the whole field one is startled, immediately burst waves of cheers, call of thunder, matches the roller, lasts long.
At this time, YangFan in YangGe helped under, dragged the body completely collapse step by step outside to walk.
“I declare, young, more competition end border town”, as the two end, old, loud voice began again, a yellow robe appeared in the form of the old man moment on the square.
A beat, yellow robe old man again way: “a thought is, the border town of competition, more young people everywhere to surprise, the black horse emerge in endlessly ah. Cut the crap, now I announced the final list of the top five, the first YangFan, second, third YangGe LiChi, fourth, and fifth HuangYi XiaoJie, they were granted reward is: Yan level higher achievement method rock nie fix spirit, Yan low level travelling vowing overlord gun tactic…..”
Hear Yan level for the reward of spirit tactic, YangFan eyes a stunned, this is the practice of “the thor tactic” higher than for a grade ah, and it is more valuable than technical skills, because the basis of the practice is made.
“This is really beyond the royal, host of level of achievement method, if lost to the outside, will make an immediate countless achieves the strong came”, and YangFan and again a proud, in the heart conduits.
That may be the case, but YangFan not know, this “rock nie fix spirit tactic though Yan level for higher achievement method, but not for other people, called” solid rock. “that is the law as the name, the soul need in a meeting after the destruction to heavy rebirth, reborn soul of the more powerful than the original. This does nothing, but its practitioners need to the body of the souls together with destruction, because the body as the basis of the soul, if destroyed, the soul lost rely on, and can only be a dead solitary spirit, can maintain the spirit alone is not destroy state, but its strength relative to body will have before many times on the weak. This means that the practice this “rock nie fix spirit tactic” not only should have better than average person spirit force, it must be tough to withstand destruction and undead flesh and spirit and the powerful force there, but the real withstand the destruction of the flesh is extremely difficult to see, seems to be the only the legendary fix the body have, but that after all only ancient legends, so this “rock nie fix spirit tactic” for the vast…

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