The Fifteenth Annual Fine Arts and Crafts Festival – The Phoenix

The Swarthmore Community Arts Center hosted The Fifteenth Annual Fine Arts and Crafts Festival in the Ville this past Saturday. Focusing on the handiwork of dozens of artists from Delaware County, the festival exhibited the mesmerizing savvy of their work for the greater Swarthmore community to see. Including a variety of artistic styles ranging from woodwork to photography, there was no shortage of craftsmanship in this small, family-friendly gathering. With plenty of hands-on demonstrations, activities for children, and, of course, musical performances, the town center was the scene of an exuberant, warm crowd gathered to celebrate the artistic work of others.

Sprawled throughout the heart of the town, exhibitions of careful design and intimate creation attracted people of all ages. Sweltering underneath the beaming sun, local residents sought refuge underneath the expanse of white tents covering Park Avenue. Not a single cloud in the cerulean sky above, children and adults strolled through and enjoyed the blessings of a beautiful day, taking their time soaking in the street life.

In each tent, throngs of residents gathered around each individual artist, sometimes inquiring about their work, other times simply admiring from a distance. In one of these tents, passerby witnessed the incredible pumpkin carving of monster faces. A howling guitar with its tongue sticking out grabbed my attention, growling for life as the autumnal terror of Halloween approaches. Elsewhere, children knelt above a table full of clay and enjoyed themselves squeezing the soft, rich clay and shaping in their hands. Just in front of the Swarthmore Public Library, an entire installation had been set up for the creative pleasures of the children, offering such activities as making tie dye t-shirts, button bracelets, zany hats, and pumpkin wind catchers. In the very center of the Ville, musical demonstrations took place, and while I observed, a girl in her early teenage…

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