The Empowered Trans Woman Summit — a Global Online Conference for Transgender Women and Allies — Starts October 2

This first-ever Free Online Conference for transwomen and their allies features an amazing lineup of speakers, including:

  • Monica Helms – trans advocate, creator of the trans flag, co-founder of TAVA
  • Bamby Salcedo – founder & president, TransLatin@ Coalition
  • Brynn Tannehill – Board Member of Trans United Fund, HuffPost author
  • Vanessa Victoria – Writer, Activist, Co-Founder of TWOCC.
  • Cathy Ann Serino – TransMission, Missouri-based trans advocate
  • Sally Goldner – Transgender Victoria, Australian trans advocate
  • Isley Reust – Trans Indie rocker, Actress & Producer
  • Lisa Kelly – Trans advocate in York, England
  • Diamond Stylz – YouTuber, trans advocate
  • Mya Leilani Vazquez – Transgender Liberation Project
  • Dr. Marci Bowers – Renowned gynecologist and gender-confirmation surgeon
  • Dr. Scott Mosser MD – Gender Confirmation Surgeon
  • Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily MD – Facial Plastic Surgeon
  • Dara Hoffman-Fox – Gender therapist
  • Robert Sapolsky PhD – Bioneurology professor, Stanford University
  • Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva PhD – Trans-focused psychologist
  • Dr. Traci Lowenthal, PsyD – Trans-focused psychologist
  • Zil Garner Goldstein – Program Director, Mount Sinai Trans Medicine
  • Kathe Perez – Speech-Language Pathologist

“As a Sexologist – as a human who is committed to a world free of sexual shame – as a human is committed to people’s gender and sexual expression – I support this work wholeheartedly. This work is coming at a time that is desperately needed, and I support any work that allows for the healing and celebration of humans. Thank you for this!” Dr. HazelGrace Yates

“Finally! A collective work of much needed voices to empower, support, and recognize gender variance inherent in our humanity. Thank you for your hard work!” Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva PhD

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