The DO’s and DON’T’s of Landscaping

There are two kinds of yards. One kind are gardens that have exquisite landscaping that make you, your family and visitors feel peaceful and relaxed, and they can pass the time just by enjoying the magnificent scenery. Then there’s the other kind of yard which is dull, dirty, chaotic and colourless with absolutely no sign of life and happiness. I’m sure you would want the first kind because landscaping is a way of life and is a wonderful way to react and connect with the earth.
Here are some DO’s and DON’T’s of landscaping, and if you will follow them, your garden will be as good as the description above tells.

1. DO remember that you will never feel like you are done with your landscape, so just relax and enjoy the whole process. Do as much as you can; you don’t need to rush things.

2. DON’T eliminate the lawn. Taking away the lawn and replacing it with bricks or a large patio may be much easier to maintain however, it will be a lot less pleasing to the senses of sight and touch. Grass may be hard to grow, but once it’s there, it shouldn’t be as hard to maintain it, as it was to grow it.
3. DO develop a focal point. A focal point, in the landscape dictionary, means an element in a yard that catches the attention of one’s eye. A few examples would be a fountain, waterfall, or a small pond.
4. DON’T spend all your money on luxury items. First of all, what kind of message do you want to deliver to visitors and casual bystanders? That you are the richest person in the world or that you have a beautiful front yard and know how to create and maintain one? Be sure that whatever you put in your yard, it is going to be of good use. Spend the money where it counts and do not get carried away.

5. DO use nightscape lighting. There is nothing more beautiful (when it comes to scenery) than having a stunning display of lights at night because this is your chance to enhance on that focal point discussed in step 4. Not…

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