The Differences Between BMW Bikes and Standard Bikes

There are many differences between BMW bikes and standard bikes. However, before going into them it’s worth noting that the most obvious difference is in pricing. You see, BMW has never marketed anything they manufacture at a bargain price.


You’ll have to pay more for one because quality costs more, so in this respect they really aren’t for everyone. Rather this is a bicycle for the person who’s in the market for premium design and engineering work, and who also has the money to pay for it.”


BMW Bike Frames


The Hydra form metal shaping processed employed in the manufacturing of the 2011 BMW Cruise Bike frame is one of the many things that you’ll find in this brand of bicycle that doesn’t show on the surface, yet that makes a huge difference in overall performance.


Hydroforming which is more expensive and time-consuming than stamping uses water to apply the pressure in the shaping process rather than metal. Water distributes the force evenly against the metal surface being shaped. This in turn eliminates the formation of stressed areas that can lead to failure.


When it seems that every manufacturer out there is outsourcing whatever they can to save money, BMW produces the carbon frame for their 16.3 lb, M Bike Carbon Racer in-house. Of course they can have it done elsewhere for less money and no one would know the difference, no one except BMW quality control experts who insist on only the highest standards.


BMW Mountain Bike Suspension Systems


It was back in the 1990s when this company was among the first to design and produce a front suspension fork for a mountain bike that was adapted from a motorcycle.


Since then they have continued to be at the forefront of new developments in mountain biking suspension systems and components. Developments, for instance, that include using Fox 32 FRL air-spring forks and Fox Float RP2 BV air shocks on both their models of mountain bikes that also feature an aluminium frame, Shimano Deore XT parts and hydraulic disk brakes.


Other Noteworthy Design Features


In the end though, a bike is more than just a conglomeration of its parts and technologies. People ride them and this is the final test because if the final product doesn’t feel and perform well everything that went into the making of it was for nothing.


So you’ll find things like an adjustable angle stem to make sure that you’re in a comfortable position for the efficient transfer of force when pedalling on one of their mountain bikes. This in turn makes for better performance and longer endurance and also means that whoever rides a bike can quickly adjust it for their own fit.


Then don’t look for any exposed cables either because they run all of them inside of the frame tubing. By doing this they make the bike more aerodynamic and also more attractive. The interior cables also mean there’s less risk of snags, or damage from spills.”


There are a lot of brands out there to choose from when…

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