The cost of giving birth

A lifetime of decision-making begins the moment you see two lines appear on your pregnancy test.

Where will you live?

What will you name your baby?

What kind of parenting method will you subscribe to?

But one of the first decisions every pregnant woman will have to make is whether you plan to give birth in the public or the private hospital system.

To help you come to that decision, perhaps the first question you should ask yourself is how much will it all cost?

Choosing between public and private often comes down to money. Image: Knocked Up, Universal Pictures


Going completely public – meaning all medical care during pregnancy and birth is managed by a public maternity hospital – is the most budget-friendly option as almost all of the costs are absorbed by Medicare although there may be some out-of pocket expenses such as pathology and/or ultrasounds.

Under this mode of care, a team of midwives will see you for your antenatal appointments at the hospital and an on-call doctor will deliver your baby when you go into labour.

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