“The Bold Type” Episode 109 Recap: Defying Gravity

“I don’t feel like being logical right now,” Kat declares to Adena in an airport hotel in the middle of the night. In awe of Adena’s worldly experience, her collection of memories and self-discoveries mapped out in her overflowing passport, Kat has just decided she wants an adventure for herself. She wants to actually use the first class ticket to Tehran that she purchased merely as a means to get through airport security and see Adena, whose visa extension has yet to go through and can’t get into the United States.

As far as this whole storyline goes, I don’t feel like being logical either. The fact that Adena is detained by customs, told she may not enter the country and must return to Iran, and then just is suddenly free to wander the airport as she awaits her forced flight home is a bit of an absurd premise. The Bold Type presents a somewhat watered-down view of the horrors of current U.S. immigration policy by acknowledging some of the injustices (customs doesn’t have to give Adena a reason for not allowing her into the country, and they take away her phone) without getting too dark about it. And you know what, I’ll take that slightly-less-horrible-than-reality depiction. The Bold Type manages to be real and serious enough to make it compelling and anchored to reality, but there’s also a delightful element of escapism to the show.

The fantasy of Kat and Adena’s romantic overnight date is subversive in its own way. Adena being forced to go home to a country where her mere existence could get her sent to prison or worse is a harsh reality that The Bold Type certainly doesn’t downplay. But these 14 hours of freedom for both Adena and Kat evoke a sense of hope, a lightness that The Bold Type infuses in even its darkest storylines. Adena points out that Kat can do anything with her American passport, which is a very true and layered sentiment. American passports represent much more than a pile of paper. That passport grants her freedoms…

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