The Art of the Celebrity Breakup House: How Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and More Moved Out and On

Getty Images; Melissa Hebeler / E! Illustration

There are many complicated steps to a breakup, but a celebrity’s uncoupling adds a whole extra level of complexity to the matter. There are so many things to think about: When to file for divorce (#FridayNewsDump), whether to issue a joint statement, what to wear the first time you step out post-split, when to start dating again, what to say in your first interview post-split. The possibilities are endless. 

But perhaps one of the most life-changing aspects of a celebrity breakup is one that affects everyone no matter their level of fame: Moving out. Of course, A-listers don’t do it quite the way that regular people do—they have teams for that. And when they do decide to permanently go their separate ways, there are certain guidelines that they often stick to. Each star is different, but there is a pattern to how the most visible stars go about it. 

This is the art of the breakup house.

Seclude yourself. In Hollywoodland, that usually means move to Malibu or to a remove section of the Hills. A little place on the beach or high above the city offers up privacy, protection from paparazzi, a completely new daily routine and also the comfort and calm of the beach. These are also typically rentals, which means you don’t need to commit to anything long term, and you don’t need to buy anything you don’t want to. 

When Jennifer Aniston moved out of the sprawling Beverly Hills estate she shared with Brad Pitt, she went straight to the comforts of the seaside. She covered the entire place with white furniture, white flowers and white candles, creating a safe haven to entertain sympathetic friends or simply curl up with her dog. 

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