Tech Test: Teforia Leaf just might be your cup of tea, even at $400

Tech Test Product Review: Teforia Leaf

 Pros: Beautiful, easy to use, makes great tea.

 Cons: Expensive, tied to proprietary tea from Teforia.

 Bottom line: I’ve never come across a cooler way to make tea.

I’m a tea drinker.

Seeing that it’s summertime, I drink iced tea every day.

But in the cooler months, I enjoy a cup hot.

I find the ritual of making it very relaxing.

There’s something about picking out a tea, heating the water, steeping, waiting and then enjoying the tea that makes me happy.

If there were a high-tech way to make tea, I wasn’t aware of it. But I was made aware of a countertop tea infuser called the Teforia Leaf that’s been happily brewing in my kitchen for the last few weeks.

The Leaf is as beautiful a gadget as I’ve ever reviewed. The infuser looks lovingly designed and it comes packaged in custom-sewn protective bags.

Apple’s Jony Ive couldn’t have designed a better-looking infuser.

The Leaf is actually Teforia’s second-generation infuser, replacing the Teforia Classic. The Leaf and Classic share the same design, but at $399, the Leaf costs less than half the price of the Classic.

It would be easy to describe the Leaf as a Keurig for tea, but that wouldn’t be doing it justice.

The previous-generation Classic let users use their own teas.


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