Taylor Swift Sends Flowers to ”Look What You Made Me Do” Dancers for ”Keeping Our Secret”

Taylor Swift knows the value of someone who can keep a secret…

The record-breaking songstress made sure to give a big thanks to the “Look What You Made Me Do” dancers, who managed to keep their mouths shut despite some possible temptation to spill secrets from the highly anticipated music video before its big debut at the VMAs on Sunday night.  

Taylor’s gratitude to the dancers came in the form of a heartfelt card and flowers.

Along with the floral arrangement, Taylor’s card said, “Thanks for keeping our secret. 🙂 I’m so proud of it and I hope you will be too.”

The gift was signed, “Sending my love and gratitude, Taylor.”

This isn’t the first time that the 27-year-old’s gifted flowers of gratitude. The “Out of the Woods” singer resurfaced in May to send a fan a  handwritten graduation card and flowers. Earlier this month, the hit-maker also sent flowers to Craftsy, the company that posted Taylor-inspired messages in Post-It Notes across from the courthouse where her groping trial was taking place in Denver. 

The 10-time Grammy winner dropped her new song on Thursday night and in 24 hours it became the most streamed debut in the history of Spotify.

On Sunday night, T-Swizz’s cinematic “LWYMMD” music video debuted in the…

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