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Parents, the time is now – it’s Let’s Talk Month in Minnesota

There has been a 71 percent decrease in teen pregnancies since 1990. Graphic courtesy of Minnesota Department of Health.
From “Where do babies come from?” to discussing teenage relationships, talking about sex is an important part of parenting that can make for some pretty interesting stories.

The Minnesota Department of Health wants to turn some of those tales into helpful advice for other parents. The health department is asking parents to share their tips and stories. The effort is part of Let’s Talk Month, a chance to “Make a Date” to have open, honest conversation with young people to foster responsible and positive attitudes toward sexuality and healthy relationships. Governor Mark Dayton has proclaimed October Let’s Talk Month in Minnesota.

“Parents might not believe it, but research shows kids do listen to them,” said Minnesota Commissioner of Health Dr. Ed Ehlinger. “These talks throughout a child’s life play a powerful role in helping young people make healthy decisions about sex, avoid disease, prevent pregnancy and successfully transition into adulthood. This is one thing all parents can do to help support our kids in making healthy choices that lead to promising futures.”

As part of our #MakeaDate campaign, parents, guardians and caring adults can go to MDH’s Facebook page or “Make a Date” campaign survey page to share their stories about a time when their children asked about the birds and the bees, or when they had a conversation about relationships and sexuality. Parents who share a story will have a chance to receive a free age-appropriate advice book that will help guide conversations with their children. Parents can also visit MDH’s Let’s Talk Month webpage to get expert resources and guidance for getting started.

Studies show that youth whose parents have open conversations about healthy…

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