Taking a ‘vacation from mental illness’ at mountain camp – Orange County Register

ANGELUS OAKS — On the morning of her second day at Mountain Respite Camp in the San Bernardino National Forest, Jacqueline Vispoel found much to her liking.

Clean air. Perfect weather. Lots to do. And “interesting” people to meet.

Her boyfriend, Raymond Charles Hill, grinned in approval beneath his bright red baseball cap.

“I  love it!” he declared after the pair got up from the floor of the dining hall, where they sat holding hands in the front row for a group picture with other campers. Like everyone else, they wore white T-shirts with the camp logo.

This was their first time at the camp for the Orange County couple – the first time in decades, actually, that either of them had been out in nature enjoying themselves and trying to leave behind the stress of their lives.

That’s what camp is for, to get away from it all.

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