T Fashion Editors’ Guide to Paris


French-Japanese Mashups

“By the time I get to Paris, and have been subsisting entirely on pasta and meat, a light meal at either favorite Japanese restaurant is a must: Takara for nigiri (this isn’t light, but the foie gras sushi is much better than it sounds; 14 Rue Molière) and Kunitoraya (5 Rue Villedo).” — JASON RIDER, senior fashion editor


Frenchie Wine Bar

“A great casual add-on to the restaurant Frenchie, which is a favorite, but always packed.” 5 Rue du Nil — ALEXA BRAZILIAN, fashion features director

Iced Coffee Pit Stops

“I’m that annoying American that asks for an iced coffee no matter where I am or what season it is. In Paris, the best are at Telescope (5 Rue Villedo), The Broken Arm (12 Rue Perrée) and Carette. (Theirs is practically a milkshake but still caffeinated!); 4 Place du Trocadéro.) — J.R.

Lone Palm

“In Paris, you mostly drink at bistros (my favorites are Le Progrès or La Perle) but Lone Palm is a really lovely tiki bar, with wonderfully kitschy interior, stronger-than-they-are-sweet drinks and handsome barmen.” 21 Rue Keller — J.R.

Vivant’s chef Pierre TouitouCredit


“Speaking of handsome staff, the prize goes to Vivant, Pierre Touitou’s restaurant. Definitely get a seat at the bar for the best view. And Da Graziella next door is a Neapolitan-style pizzeria in an old bird shop from the 1920s and it’s so good. Great natural wines at both.” 43 Rue des Petites Écuries — J.R.

Pho Banh Cuon 14

“Because I can never get good Vietnamese in New York, I also rely on Paris for my quarterly pho. Banh Cuon 14 in the 13th has incredibly clear yet bold broth, served alongside the right herbs (a true anomaly).” 129 Avenue de Choisy — J.R.

Dinner in the Eighth Arrondissement

“Between the Grand Palais and my hotel (Le Bristol) lies Jean-George’s Market restaurant for an easy meal (15 Avenue Matignon), or there’s always La Reserve for something even more French (42 Avenue…

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