Suranne Jones read about Doctor Foster sex scenes just after giving birth

If Doctor Foster fans were worried whether series two would live up to the shocks and surprises that we saw in the first series, the jaw-dropping cliffhanger and table-turning events in last week’s penultimate episode should have laid those to rest.

Manipulative cheat Simon really shouldn’t have told Gemma that the only way he’d be leaving his home town again was in a coffin…


Doctor Foster: It’s the season finale, but will it be Simon, Gemma, Kate or Tom be leaving in a coffin?

Unsurprisingly, the show’s cast and crew are keeping tight-lipped about what’s to come in Tuesday’s finale, but considering all we’ve seen this series – that homecoming party from hell, the collateral damage to Tom and others and those graphic close encounters – there’s still plenty for Suranne Jones and co to talk about.

Let’s start by going back to Gemma doing the thing we were all shouting at our tellies for her not to do – but secretly hoping she would – when she spotted the open back door of Simon and wife Kate’s infuriatingly expensive new home and headed in.

“When I read that episode – firstly the fact that she’s in his house – I was like: ‘What the f*** are you doing?’” says Suranne, 39, who plays Gemma.

“‘We’re two minutes into the show, why are you in his house?! You idiot!’ Then Simon comes up the drive and you’re like: ‘NO!’ Then he starts to say what he says to her about her top and her clothes.

“He’s judging her. But it’s all set amongst the calmness of him making the bloody tea. It was great.

“And there was that brilliant bit in the same episode where Gemma just smashes Simon’s car door because there’s a childishness to them too. The show still manages to be funny.”


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