Sunken WWII ship may contain $130 million of Nazi gold

The SS Minden, a German cargo ship scuttled in waters near Iceland during the early days of World War II, may contain a huge trove of Nazi gold.

The merchant vessel, which is 120 nautical miles south of Iceland, is in the international spotlight following the reported discovery of  a chest containing up to four tons of Nazi gold on the wreck. The horde is valued at 100 million British pounds (approximately $130 million), according to news reports.

U.K. salvage company Advanced Marine Services (AMS) has reportedly requested permission from Icelandic authorities to cut a hole in the ship’s hull and remove the chest.


A spokesman for the Icelandic Environmental Agency told Fox News that an application has been received. However, it could be some weeks before a decision is made on whether permission will be given, and if so, under which terms. An update may be issued next month, he added.

In April, Iceland Monitor reported that Seabed Constructor, the salvage vessel hired by AMS, was directed to dock at Reykjavik after catching the attention of Iceland’s Coast Guard. The company’s lawyer reportedly told the Coast Guard that the crew of the Seabed Constructor…

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