Study shows that 32 percent of senior citizens live alone in East Canton

Study shows that 32 percent of senior citizens live alone in East Canton

By THOMAS CLAPPER Press News Assistant Editor Published: March 24, 2017 10:00 AM

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The term “elder orphan” was coined 30 years ago and brought back to use by geriatrician Maria Carney, M.D. to describe an elderly person whom lives alone with no family around to help care for them or check on them. According to the 2010 U.S. Census on, East Canton is home to many.

The Village of East Canton has a 15 percent population of senior citizens and 32 percent of them are living alone. 27 percent of seniors are veterans and 78 percent are female. According to the census, 17 percent of East Canton senior households have an annual income of less than 10k and 30 percent have less than 20k; the median household income is $24,931. The average Social Security Income in East Canton is approximately $18,016 a year.

This is slightly over the Ohio average of 14 percent population of seniors and 30 percent living alone. Of the seniors in Ohio, 23 percent are veterans and 72 percent are female. Furthermore, nine percent of East Canton seniors do not have access to a vehicle.

Carol Marak, Aging Advocate and Editor of and has devoted her life to advocating for older adults and family caregivers.

“I started out caregiving for my parents 10 years ago,” said Marak. “My mom was living with congestive heart failure and dad had Alzheimer’s. Two sisters and I pitched in and my parents passed after seven years of caring for them. It occurred to me that it takes a lot of work and the elderly need a lot of help. I came to the realization of ‘who is going to take care of me? I have no children.’ That was when I started advocating about elders living alone.”

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Marak then started a Facebook group Elder Orphans Facebook Group and has been…

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