Students Prepare for Fresh Start in 2017-18 at Hill House Passport Academy Charter School

PITTSBURGH–()–Students at Hill
House Passport Academy Charter School
(HHPACS), an online public
high school for under-credited students, will begin the 2017-18 school
year on Sept. 1, thankful for a second chance to get their education
back on track and earn a diploma.

HHPACS is designed for Pennsylvania students over 17 and under 21 years
of age who have not been able to finish their high school education.
Many of the students at HHPACS have had to overcome great personal
struggles, including challenges such as homelessness, teen parenting and
even being in the legal system. The program provides personalized
support to each of these students.

HHPACS is a blended learning environment which combines online
coursework, classroom work taught by state-certified teachers with
flexible class scheduling and lesson pacing. Students are required to
attend three hours of in-person learning each day. However, the flexible
schedule model allows students to move through the curriculum at their
own pace and attend classes during either the morning, afternoon or
evening session while finishing the rest of their work online.

“At Hill House Passport Academy Charter School, we’ll work with you
where you are and support you every step along the way to help you get
to graduation day so you can be successful after high school,” said Bo
Jackson, HHPACS principal.

Through a partnership with local organizations and traditional public
schools, HHPACS is able to identify students who will thrive in the
blended learning environment and support these students so they are
successful. The school’s support is provided through unique programs
that include workshops, ongoing development and in-person tutoring to
help students reach required…

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