Stretch Marks Cream – For Skin-deep Treatment

A stretch marks cream is supposed to treat marks from the deepest layer. Actually, it is not the deepest, but the dermal layer, which is just next to the epidermis. This layer tears when the skin is stretched beyond its capacity. The dermis is elastic, yet it has its limits and can withstand stretching only to a certain extent.

The tearing of dermis exposes the innermost layer, which is called the hypodermis or subcutaneous layer. It is this layer that you see on the surface as reddish, purplish streaks. With time, the discolored streaks turn into silver white or creamish scars.

Skin gets stretched the most during pregnancy. To accommodate the growing fetus, skin of the belly undergoes tremendous stretching. This is a rapid and excessive episode of stretching, called, to be precise, abnormal stretching. Skin usually cannot tolerate this. But, that differs in individuals.

Suppose you are 30+ and pregnant. At this age, your skin has already started to age. Collagen levels are low and your skin is more prone to damage. So, there are chances that your abdominal skin might get marks, since it is less elastic.

Genes also play an important role in stretch marks. If your mom got marks during her pregnancy, chances are higher that you may too.

Competing with genes…
Cosmetology has advanced to the extent that you can now get stretch marks cream that promises to fight existing marks and prevent formation of new ones. These creams are laced with ingredients that strengthen skin by normalizing collagen levels. Skin becomes thicker and more elastic. Such skin is ready to endure over-stretching.

Even if your genes are tilted towards forming marks, you can prevent their formation to a large extent by using scientifically-advanced creams that restore skin’s resilience.

Showing skin with pride…
Stretch marks make people shy away from social activities, especially at the beach. It is impossible for a lady, who is particular about her skin’s beauty, to show off her…

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