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Strategic human resource management is one of the best ways to meet your employees need and at the same time promoting company goals. HR management deals with every aspect of an organization that involves or affects its employees. These include recruitment, termination, training, administration, compensation and other perks and privileges. This department also deals with additional tasks like sick or vacation days, employee safety procedure information and work incentives etc. Strategic human resource management is managing the company’s people proactively and it requires advance planning of how the company can meet the needs of the employees in a better way as well as determining ways for employees to better meet company’s requirements. This affects the business as a whole and improves everything from the company’s recruitment policy and assessment techniques to its employee training programs and discipline.

With a proper HR management system companies can create a productive work environment. It requires the organization to consider and determine the employees’ needs and accordingly think ahead how they can help the employees to improve their skills. This is a very good solution to improve and increase employee retention rate, which in turn, reduces the money companies need to spend for finding and training new and fresh resources.

While drafting human resources plans, companies need to consider the needs and wants of their employees as well as what they can supply or fulfill reasonably. For larger companies affording human recourse training and benefit programs is much easier than the smaller companies. However, this hardly means that smaller companies should not include such programs as a part of their strategic human resource management for their employees. If they cannot afford to hire trainers, small companies should, at least, provide specialized on-site training by the organization’s senior members and offer one-on-one coaching and assessment. These simple tasks too can help employees to peak their performance rates.

Employee development is a significant aspect of company’s strategic human resource management. The process begins with interview of the prospective employees and his/ her recruitment. Implementing improved techniques for interviewing prospective employees will help companies to get hold of the best applicants that are a good match for the company.

Once the candidate has been recruited, it calls for a good training and mentoring program. This is a great way to help the new resource to speed on the company policies as well as to get a clear vision of the current or ongoing projects that they will work on. Follow up or continual training programs will further benefit the employee to provide his/ her best performance as well as to meet the company’s business goals. Regular coaching and assessments are also essential.

Both large and small firms require strategic human resource management….

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