Steps to take on economics’ bias against women

This piece was first posted on Diane Coyle’s blog The Enlightened Economist

There has been a big response to a column I wrote for the FT about the male domination of economics, following up Justin Wolfers’ recent one. My conclusion was:

The reputation of economics is already tarnished, even a decade on from the financial crisis, and this new evidence of entrenched discrimination will not improve matters. This is not a women problem, it is an economics problem. It is deeply embedded in the discipline’s culture and norms, and the profession’s senior men need to take it seriously.

Some senior men emailed to ask for suggestions. Here are some.

These come from a Twitter thread compiled by Jan Zilinsky (@janzilinsky):

1/ Some thoughts on gender biases in academia, following up on @JustinWolfers’ article/Alice Wu’s findings on sexist expressions on EJMR [the online forum Economics Job Market Rumors]

2/ Causal evidence shows that even when full info about candidates’ past performance is provided bias against female candidates persists

3/ The experiment (How stereotypes impair women’s careers in science) is by @ErnestoReuben Paolo Sapienza @zingales

4/ Plenty of issues to dissect (low representation, disrespect online & offline)

For the thread I want to focus on “unequal treatment”

5/ One thing that bothers me a lot is the co-authorship penalty. Heather Sarsons @saskatchewin shows men who co-author more are not penalised —

6/ but women are less likely to receive tenure if they co-author more papers

7/ That paper is about outcomes in economics. On evidence that women benefit less from coauthorship in polisci see

8/ The leaky educational pipelines signal more problems. Brookings and Diane Coyle.

9/ And when the path leads to professorship, imagine you are discouraged with comments such as at the Washington Post

10/ Want to end the thread w/ some “what can be done” links. But many steps are tiny, as @cheng_christine said


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