‘Stardew Valley’ news: Creator talks about his upcoming second game

Promotional photo for “Stardew Valley.”Steam/Stardew Valley

“Stawdew Valley” fans have another reason to rejoice, as a sequel for the acclaimed farming simulator, a.k.a. roleplaying game (RPG), has now been confirmed by the developer.

Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, has revealed on his “Ask Me Anything” Reddit thread that he has plans for the successor for “Stardew Valley,” albeit he does not want to give any specific detail about it yet. Digital Trends has suggested that Barone could’ve hyped and advertised the game what with all the revenue and support that “Stardew Valley” has generated. Instead, Barone chose to “work in an isolated bubble,” since building up the game long before it’s even ready puts a lot of pressure which he thinks is not beneficial to anyone.

“I don’t want to reveal too much at this point, but I am thinking of approaching my next game with a similar mindset to Stardew Valley — take a style of game that was never fully realized (or that changed trajectories, leaving unexplored possibilities), and carry on the tradition in my own weird way,” says Barone.

Fan expecting a sequel to “Stardew Valley” may become upset, however, as Barone himself stated that he does not plan on making a sequel to it, though he isn’t ruling out the possibility. His new planned game, despite not being a sequel to “Stardew Valley” might involve activities, not unlike the ones found in “Stardew Valley,” such as collecting bugs. He also mentioned the potential successor’s launch, which may arrive after two years.

“Stardew Valley” was one of the most popular success stories in the world of gaming, as Barone himself has worked on the game almost single-handedly for five years, utilizing relatively little to no marketing strategies and instead, giving eager fans development updates.

Following the success of “Stardew Valley,” which has netted Barone a profit of $30 million, the creator has alleged that his motivation has shifted toward bringing…

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