Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Will Include Arcade Mode

The excitement for some Star Wars Battlefront II action will be growing more and more for fans as the game’s beta is just about a week away from going live now. New details have been released regarding the beta, as EA has introduced Arcade Mode, which will be a part of the beta and will feature fast-paced action with players taking on waves of enemy AI.

Sharpen your skills in the new Arcade mode and take on AI enemies in a variety of scenarios. During the beta, players will have two options: a 10-on-10 team battle with a mix of AI allies and enemies, and playing as a Hero against AI enemies where players will have the opportunity to control the legendary Darth Maul and square off against hordes of foes on Naboo.

The Theed map is where the Arcade action will take place during the beta. In the full version of Arcade mode, players will test their skills across all three eras of Star Wars. Grab your favourite selection of weapons and abilities, customise your loadout for the upcoming battles, and dive deep into the fight with your AI-controlled allies.

In the full version of the game, players will be able to bring their Star Cards, weapons, and unlocked abilities from multiplayer with them into Arcade mode. With your finely-tuned hero and customised builds, take your character out onto the battlefield and put your tactics to the test before trying to execute them online against other players. You can also work together with a friend or against them in split screen versus.

Once Star Wars Battlefront II releases fully, you’ll be able to earn valuable rewards for making progress in Arcade. Earn in-game credits to unlock crates that will contain new Star Cards enabling you to further customise heroes, vehicles, and troopers for both Arcade mode and online multiplayer. On top of this, there will be a series of challenges players will be able to try and complete to earn even more bonuses and give fighters more goals to work towards.

EA goes on to detail how Arcade mode games…

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