Spend more time on taxes than NFL

John H. Sununu thinks President Donald Trump needs to be better at picking his battles.

The former three-term Republican governor of New Hampshire, who later served as chief of staff to President George H.W. Bush, told the Concord Monitor that he often wishes that Trump didn’t have such a “compulsion to tweet.”

Over the past week the President has repeatedly criticized pro-football players who are protesting against racial injustice in America by kneeling during national anthem at NFL games. Trump told a crowd of supporters at a speech last week that athletes choosing to protest should be kicked off their teams, and he tweeted about the controversy on a daily basis in the ensuing days.

“I obviously wish those little flurries inspired by a hot speech and the compulsion to tweet, I often wish those had not occurred. I would put this little flurry in that category,” Sununu said.

Sununu said he didn’t think Trump’s call for athletes to stand during the anthem was race-based. 

“I think the principal component was patriotism, love of country, make America great again, and I acknowledge the fact that his style is different than mine in trying to pluck those strings in the hearts of Americans,” Sununu added.

And while acknowledging the difference in political style between himself and the president, Sununu said Trump “may have a better reach into the breadth of the country than most people realize.”

But Sununu said he would advise the president “to be careful in where he spends his political capital. Presidents earn political capital and they spend political capital. And there are big issues and small issues and sometimes you spend a lot of capital on a small issue that you shouldn’t have spent it on, perhaps a little bit like this NFL situation.”

“I would just suggest to him that he pay a little bit more attention to the balance of capital, earning and spending, and focus on spending on things like tax reform,” he added.

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