Spencer Pratt Recaps Siesta Key Episode 5

On this episode of Siesta Key we were left wondering “did they or didn’t they?” after Alex and Kelsey got a little too close for comfort after the gala was over. The answer, of course, is that they totally did, but everyone in Sarasota’s being a little coy — well, at least until Garrett and Kelsey are officially over (they’re on a break) and hook up out in the open on the cast’s upcoming trip to Bimini. Also: Chloe got so drunk that she woke up with a slice of pizza on her chest. At least her nose is fine?

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What else happened? Cosmo caught up with Spencer Pratt — who was out by the pool creating #social #content with a pregnant and be-thonged Heidi — to get his thoughts on what went down after the lights went down on The Key.

On whether Alex and Kelsey hooked up after the party

“One hundred percent. If that’s the first time, even. I think it probably went down on the boat already. I’m sure homegirl has gone for a moonlight boating mission with the king of Siesta Key. The next day on the beach, when he was all ‘Oh she had fun…’ — like, your speech wasn’t that good, pal. All I know is that he gave her the ‘Yeah, I think I’m so good face’ about sex or whatever it is he thinks that he did.”

On the deepening mystery of Alex’s house

“Why doesn’t the camera follow them when they leave the jacuzzi? Why isn’t it like The Bachelor where the camera is following them towards the fantasy suite? We love filming Alex’s bedroom, why don’t we film the outside of his door? Also: Here we go…we’re following them into the house, they’re getting flirty in the jacuzzi, this is the perfect time to show us the inside of the house. Her in her bikini, him in his board shorts. Show us one other room in the house! Have them go in the kitchen, open the fridge, get a drink, and then go to some other part of the mansion. Maybe they’re mobsters. Maybe that’s why we can’t go in the house. Maybe there’s some shady stuff on…

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