South Hills Dental Arts Offers Solution for Sensitive Teeth Caused by Gum Recession in Pittsburgh, PA

Patients with gum recession in Pittsburgh, PA can now turn to Drs. Steven Crandall, Karen Johnson and Kathy Lopez at South Hills Dental Arts for treatment using the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. They are now accepting new patients without referrals. Drs. Crandall, Johnson and Lopez understand that gum recession can cause many patients to experience lowered self-esteem, painful sensitive teeth and the potential for harmful gum disease. With this gentle procedure, patients can overcome these symptoms and reclaim their smiles more easily than if they chose traditional gum grafting surgery.

Gum recession is a serious problem for some patients in Pittsburgh. The condition is most often noticed by patients when they discover that their teeth appear elongated. Patients can face many severe and potentially permanent issues if the condition is left untreated. When gums recede, the roots of the tooth become exposed to the harsh environment of the mouth causing tooth sensitivity. Sensitive teeth can make it difficult for patients to enjoy their favorite foods or even a healthy diet. This exposure can also lead to greater instances of infection and gum disease.

The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique offers an immediate solution to these side effects. When Drs. Crandall, Johnson and Lopez perform the treatment on patients with gum recession in Pittsburgh, PA, they place a small hole in the gums next to the recessed area. Through this hole, the gums are gently moved to their natural position over the tooth. With such a minimally-invasive treatment, many patients are able to quickly return to their normal daily activities shortly after treatment.

Patients with sensitive teeth who may have gum recession are invited to contact South Hills Dental Arts to schedule an…

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