South Coast Repertory world premieres ‘The Siegel’

A quirky examination of modern love and marriage will be presented at the South Coast Repertory for the world premiere of the play “The Siegel.”

The play, which opens with previews on Friday, March 24 and regular performances running April 1-23, will feature an all-star leading cast including actor Ben Feldman (AMC television series “Mad Men”) and actress Mamie Gummer (CBS television series “The Good Wife”).

Written by Michael Mitnick, the play acknowledges the modern ideas of romantic triangles, which vary greatly from the less contemporary plays, such as Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and Anton Chekov’s “The Seagull.” Director Casey Stangl said she and Mitnick laughed together about how the audience may react to the story.

“Michael and I kiddingly said we’re hoping it will inspire someone to get married, and someone else to get a divorce,” said Stangl, “The play examines the true nature of relationships, and we hope people will relate and think, ‘Yes, we do belong together’ or ‘No, we shouldn’t be together.’”

The comedic story follows Ethan Siegel (Feldman) who is desperately in love with Alice (Gummer), and wants to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. The problem is Ethan broke up with Alice two years prior, and now she is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, played by SCR newcomer Dominique Worsley.

Mitnick, who was familiar with Feldman’s work on both “Mad Men” and the lead role of Broadway’s “The Graduate” in 2002, had the actor in mind to play the role of Ethan throughout the playwriting process. Stangl said the casting process was “serendipitous” when Feldman showed up.

“Ben’s exactly right for the part; he really couldn’t be more perfect, with showing his quirkiness and also his ability to ground Ethan with reality. He’s charming and witty, and definitely the kind of guy you want to spend your evening with,” said Stangl.

Stangl added…

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