Sound Vista Village Storytellers senior citizens discover their acting abilities

Ninety-two-year-old Maria Scott is an actress in the making, and she is pretty excited about what lies ahead for herself and a number of her friends living at Sound Vista Village in Gig Harbor.

The opportunity to perform in a setting that worked for the residents of Sound Vista Village dropped in their lap when Kathleen McGilliard, a professional in the performing arts, came into their lives.

McGilliard has a lifetime of experience in directing and teaching and, before her retirement, ran the Performance Circle and Encore Theater. Now she works with senior citizens and says it suits her just fine.

McGilliard’s mother, who passed away at 97 years old, was living at The Lodge at Mallard’s Landing in Gig Harbor when she approached the facility about running the Reader’s Theater in 2014. The facility was enthusiastic about the opportunity it presented for their residents and McGilliard began recruiting her actors on the spot.

“The actors don’t move around — they remain seated and do not wear costumes or have props. It is like a radio drama,” said McGilliard, who attributes her mother’s longevity to her lifetime involvement in the theater.

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