Soriant Healthcare Announces a New “Quick” Savings Calculator that Allows Clients to Immediately Assess Savings Opportunities in Key Support Services Departments

“We’re very excited to introduce our quick calculator that lets you determine savings potential and initially avoids the need to gather key data points. Soriant’s extensive expertise in this arena, gives us exceptional valuation capabilities.

Soriant recognizes that identifying savings opportunities can often be time consuming and frustrating and this tool bypasses that. Healthcare facilities across the country are always forced to focus on costs and budgets. Soriant Healthcare identified an opportunity to offer their clients and hospitals, across the country, an efficient and quick way to estimate savings potential within specific support service departments. By adding a quick calculator version to our more robust savings calculators, healthcare facilities can painlessly establish savings targets.

The beauty of this tool, and all our savings calculators, is its availability to all healthcare facilities for a quick desktop assessment with no obligation. This is an online tool that any healthcare facility, at any time, can quickly access and evaluate against years of information to see real savings opportunities. Executives can conduct a “price check” to efficiently evaluate if their support service department(s) or vendor(s) are operating at peak efficiencies. The savings summary provides an instant gauge of performance.

About Soriant Healthcare

Helping drive over half a billion dollars in savings for over 200+ hospitals, we drive to targeted sustainable savings while improving patient care for the long term; partnering with hospitals and health systems to accelerate performance, improve quality, enhance patient satisfaction and decrease costs.

Soriant leadership averages 25 years of executive healthcare experience…

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