Sociology class learns about New Leash on Life USA – The Knight Crier

Dr. David Hall wanted to teach his sociology class about personal connections and helping each other out, so he invited an organization to come and speak about just that. With a speaker and a large tan dog, Norberto (Rob) Rosa spoke about what the organization he works for is all about. The New Leash on Life USA organization works with animal shelters and prisons to bridge the gap between the supposedly “unwanted,” and make them feel wanted. The organization rescues dogs that have been battered and bruised and rehabilitates them and pairs them with eligible prison inmates to build trust and companionship between the unlikely two.

New Leash on Life USA is a six year old organization that strives to abolish the current first strike/last strike process. They believe in fixing mistakes, something the rest of the world needs to believe in. Sometimes people are in the wrong place at the wrong time, or are mixed in with the wrong crowds, and then they make a poor decision, tarnishing their name, making the world look at them differently. Prison has a negative connotation, so why not the people? This organization gives a second chance to those incarcerated because they truly are not bad people. The same rule goes for the dogs used in their program. Sometimes a dog will be adopted and the owner won’t train them properly so they’ll chew up the couch or make a mess which makes the owner drop them off at a shelter because they don’t want a dog behaving like that. Both humans and canines are susceptible to making mistakes and making bad decisions. This ingenious program brings the two seriously misunderstood and builds a bond between them in order to aid each other.

Dogs offer an element of emotional protection and can enrich lives while offering trust and of course, unconditional love. Taking…

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