Social Media Strategy Disasters You Need to Avoid


Social media marketing needs to be successful. And we all know that a successful campaign is based on a sound strategy. Without the right kind of strategy, you can’t expect your audience to follow your brand online. Strategy allows you that extra boost of fans that your competition may simply fail to see. For example, most of the companies still don’t communicate with their fans online, especially on Facebook. A sound strategy in this case will definitely help you create an engaging social media platform for your fans.


A social media strategy may fail for a number of reasons. Here are some of them –


  • The first and the foremost point is ignoring the audience. You can’t expect to ignore your audience and expect them to stick around for your messages. You as a brand need to be online throughout the day and must respond to your customers whenever they leave you a message. There are a number of companies which, although have huge competitors, have made their own unique mark in the minds of their customers.


  • The next point that many often fail to see is the paid campaign route. On popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you have the option to launch paid campaigns. However, a paid campaign without the sound strategy can be detrimental to your entire campaign. Make sure to have a plan for the additional surge of fans who visit your website. There are a number of companies which have time and again created special offers and rolled out discounts for whoever clicked on their paid ads. Sure, it may cost you a bit more. But it will definitely help you not only win customers, but fans in the long run.


  • The next important point that many brands often fail to carry out is fan interaction. If you are a big brand and often find fans posting on your wall, then you can definitely empower your brand and make it fan-driven. Thanks to the power of social network, you can now highlight fans. This not only help you boost traffic to your…

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