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MEXICO CITY — After former La Prensa newspaper director Mauricio Ortega was identified as the man who allegedly stole Tom Brady’s jersey following Super Bowl LI, the story about the disgraced Mexican journalist was met with embarrassment and disbelief in his home country. The fact that the New England Patriots are visiting Mexico next season as part of the league’s International Series didn’t escape many, including journalists who lamented the situation.

Soon after the initial shock, however, the pilferer was raked through the proverbial coals and reaction to the event was met with mockery. Ortega, quickly profiled as a man who consistently used his press credential with the sole intent of getting selfies and autographs with prominent NFL players, also handed over what appear to be Tom Brady’s Super Bowl XLIX jersey and Von Miller’s Super Bowl 50 helmet.

Here are just a few of the jokes and memes in Mexico that spawned from the scandal:

You have to go undercover to make this kind of thing work.

“Here comes Mauricio Ortega! Act casually!”

It’s hard to get those grass stains out.

Ironically, Ortega didn’t want to steal this one.

Revealed: The ingenious plan Ortega used to get close to Brady.

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