Snapchat Coming To The Desktop Via Pixelbook: Why It Matters

At Google’s hardware event on October 4th, one of the things mentioned on stage that has been largely forgotten is the fact that Snapchat is building a desktop version of their app for the Pixelbook.

That’s kind of a big deal.

We talked a bit over here about some big apps that will hopefully be making their way to the Pixelbook and what that could mean for the platform as a whole.

Though it was talked about on stage, the magnitude of this announcement has only just begun to sink in for me.

Snapchat is among the elite apps in either app store with millions of downloads and millions of users. Though not as large as Facebook or Twitter, Snapchat is a beast in its own right with over 160 million users daily.

With most larger news outlets, bloggers, and vloggers leveraging the platform as well, Snapchat is a substantial service whether you use it or not.

And, up to this point, it has only existed on phones: Android and iOS.

That Is Changing Soon

Unlike Twitter, Facebook and to some extent Instagram, Snapchat has never employed any sort of desktop UI for its users. To be fair, the platform isn’t really in that lane, but as it grows it could be.

And, as the devs over at Snapchat are prepping their first desktop experience, their sites aren’t set on MacOS or Windows. They are aiming for Chrome OS and the Pixelbook.

Matt Vokoun, Director of Product Management for Google, had this to say from stage:

We’re thrilled to announce that the Snap team is working with us to bring an amazing Snapchat experience to the larger screen on Pixelbook.

So, adding to Adobe and (possibly) Microsoft looking to be on-board with getting large-screen, desktop-class apps ready for Pixelbook, Snapchat is working with Google to leverage Pixelbook to bring a large screen experience to its users.

Again, not Microsoft or Apple. Not Windows or MacOS. Google, Pixelbook, Chrome OS, and Android.

What this shows is Google is leveraging Chrome OS and the Pixelbook in a way that is getting…

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