Slim Chickens Builds Presence in Missouri with New Liberty Opening

Slim Chickens, a leader in the “better chicken” segment of fast-casual restaurants, will be bringing its fresh chicken and unrivaled flavor to Liberty, MO on Sunday, October 1, 2017, continuing the brands expansion in the state. The corporate-owned restaurant is located at 126 S. Stewart Rd, Liberty, MO.

“There is always a demand for great food in Missouri, and the expansion in Liberty reflects our continued effort to bring people high-quality ingredients and outstanding service for an unforgettable dining experience,” said Sam Rothschild, COO of Slim Chickens. “Slim Chickens is a growing favorite for local diners in communities across Missouri and we expect the demand for our life changing chicken to increase.”

Slim Chickens’ corporate team is building upon its existing success and the Liberty opening to fuel its larger growth strategy throughout the greater Kansas City market and the state of Missouri. With both corporate and franchise owned locations in the area, the support of successful operations created huge potential for the brand.

“We’re looking to open several Slim Chickens restaurants throughout the greater Kansas City market over the next three years,” said Rothschild. “This brand’s offerings appeal to so many guests here in the Liberty area, and we’re excited to continue spreading our fresh, Southern flavor and hospitality to fans across the city and across the state.”

Slim Chickens has seen significant growth in the past several years, expanding from its home state of Arkansas into Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio and Tennessee and emerging as a national player within fast-casual dining’s “better chicken” segment. The leadership team has plans to add an additional 40-50 restaurants each year moving forward.


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